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by on 08 August 2015
In giving seiarmns on the subject and maintaining the HappyUP!!! project, I believe the question, Am I happy? is superfluous. Who can really say? What is the yardstick to measure against? What about bias? Using a biblical reference for a philosophical perspective and not a religious one, we are not to judge ..and this applies to ourselves. Martin Seligman's work focuses not on if one is happy (because no one owns a happy-o-meter) but on whether one is happier than they were. This condition is measurable.Keys to being happier? The things you mention in this article, Lisa. If you or any of your readers are interested in a very simple way to count blessings, feel free to visit my website I have used myself as a human guinea pig for over 600 days ..and encouraging people/giving them permission to look at life a little bit differently than they do currently. I don't sell anything on the site strictly there as a public service and for personal maintenance.
by Lucero on 29 November 2015
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