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by on 22 February 2015
sir,very good info. my son has cp and motornerves dirdeosr, was operated at st barnabasclinic at bronx ny by dr.waltz( spinalchord implant)which gave some improvement but nothing of what was expected. my son graduated from high school. motheraccompanied to help him all this years in school and studies.he is now youngman of 25 years.he uses sip and puff switch for doing computer internet etc.currently he is on levodopa 100 mg.+carbidopa 25 mg and lorazepam 1 mg. he is very stiff and uncontrolled movements make it difficult to dressbath and put him on wheel chair. we have to do everything for him and after 25 years time it is time we parents get tired. is there any treatment for him which will relax him. he was given BOTOX AND LATER ALCOHOLE BLOCKS BUT THAT LASTS ONLY FOR FEW MONTHS.WILL STEM CELL DEVELOPMENT HELP HIMPROVIDE HIM WALKING ABILITY OR SOME KIND OF SELF CONTROL SO HE CAN FEED HIMSELF AND BE SELF DEPENDANT?TUSHAR ACHARYA/
by Jonathan on 29 November 2015
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