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by on 23 November 2014
hai i'm going through this at the monemt. i hated it, and i can't help it in the first place. somehow, your trust betrayed, you feel unwanted, and you thought you can move on.i know i can move on, but there'll always be a constant reminder, somehow, be it in the form of your friend's contact number in your hp, your friend's MSN, or when you go yumchar, that particular friend gets mentioned and if you are to tell anyone about it, they'll give you a rational comfort and explanation. and that you are just silly. at times like this, you just wish you have a gun. friendship is not something logics can explain well. that explain why you do things that you normally won't for friends, you do things out of the ordinary for friends, you help and side your friends even if it's wrong but for friends, you'll do it. so, it's not the logical mind that's thinking, it's the heart that's doing all that and the heart do not want all those rational i wish, how i just wish that i'm a robot.
by Juninho on 29 November 2015
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