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Yes the statistics on that link are holbirre. But not surprising really.As for how I detach enough to do my job I'd say it was practice at the end of the day. As in you develop skills that allow you to take a step back as you go along. I find it useful to remind myself that it is essential I *do* take a step back, as I'm no decent support for anyone if I'm falling apart myself. Also and I know how awful this sounds but it does become like you're just hearing the same story over and over again, and so after a while it starts to lose its power to distress you. Occasionally though all of us are caught out and someone specific will really get to you. For me it tends to be the very young women. Women who should be full of life, standing at the beginning of their adulthood with plans to go to university, set up their own businesses, go travelling, or in some other way follow their dreams. And instead they're having all their self belief knocked out of them. It makes me very sad. But I also have a right to a decent homelife and ultimately it is their stuff, not mine. I have to keep reminding myself of that.
by Alessandra on 29 November 2015
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