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The specialist I would like to work for would be a falmiy practitioner or a obstetrician. I would enjoy working in one of those because I am a big falmiy person and have had really good and really bad experiences in both of those types of settings. I would love to be a part of a wonderful team and with falmiy practitioner having the whole falmiy there learning about all of them. With obstetrician you get to help people with some of the best times of their lives and see them grow and the joy of babies. I loved my last child birth because of the people in the office from front desk to nurses to my dr they were all very nice, kind, friendly and caring. A physicians office I would not like to work would be a proctologist. That whole idea is just not something I want to deal with on the backside. I also wouldn't want to work with an ophthalmologist because I'm not a big fan of going. I don't like people in my face like that or messing with my eyes.
by Anna on 28 November 2015
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